Price Armstrong is a complex litigation firm that represents plaintiffs across the United States. Since its founding, Price Armstrong has been dedicated to the prosecution of complex, high-value litigation on behalf of individuals and businesses. With offices in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida, we are known for class litigation, whistleblower actions, and high-stakes individual claims in both state and federal courts.

Our model is unique. Each of our attorneys has a background working for some of the largest defense firms in the Southeast and the credentials to match. But our structure ensures that we can bring to bear an agility of thought and action, and a level of focus and dedication, to the prosecution of plaintiff’s claims that no defense firm can replicate. We are client-focused and work solely on a contingency fee basis. Our select team carefully chooses the cases we take on to ensure that each receives the level of attention it deserves so that we can maximize our ability to win on our clients’ terms. Price Armstrong has the experience and resources to out-litigate and out-result the most well-funded corporations in the US. We have developed a reputation for relentless, aggressive litigation and our proven track record of superior results is testimony to our method.


Meet the Team

"It was a privilege to work with the attorneys at Price Armstrong on our class action. Their reputation is well-deserved and the result speaks for itself. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who needs expert representation in a plaintiff’s case."
Small Business Owner and Class Representative
"I struggled to decide what lawyer to talk to when I felt I needed to report medicare fraud where I work, but I’m glad I chose Price Armstrong. They were there for me throughout the process and I certainly appreciated their expertise. Thanks for the hard work and the excellent result."
Whistleblower Client


If you have been harmed by a defective product, a financial institution or other business, contact the attorneys at Price Armstrong. We can help you seek justice and protect your rights throughout the process. We represent clients nationwide with offices in Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Call us today at (205) 208-9588 for a free initial consultation and review of your case. Let us fight for you – call now!