Our class action lawyers are dedicated to protecting the rights of consumers, small businesses, and patients across the country that have been harmed by corporate wrongdoing or defective products. We will work to hold these companies accountable and win a fair compensation for you. LEARN MORE>


Our qui tam attorneys have the experience necessary to successfully represent you if you have knowledge of fraud against the government. Should your qui tam complaint lead to a settlement, you not only help fight government waste, you can receive significant compensation. LEARN MORE>



Our attorneys find justice for victims across the nation who have suffered as a result of unsafe medical devices or pharmaceutical drugs. We have the expertise and resources to get you the compensation you deserve. LEARN MORE>


Elmiron® Eye Damage Lawsuit

Price Armstrong is helping victims of retinal maculopathy and other eye conditions seek justice for their injuries as a result of exposure to Elmiron®. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting compensation for those who have suffered vision loss as a result of this drug. LEARN MORE>


Paragard® IUD Lawsuit

Price Armstrong is helping victims seek justice for injuries stemming from complications caused by a Paragard Intrauterine Device (IUD) breaking during removal. The IUD has been found to break during and prior to removal, causing various types of injury and complication. Our attorneys are dedicated to getting compensation for those who have suffered as a result of this defective device. LEARN MORE>


Laboratory Fraud

Price Armstrong attorneys have experience filing cases on behalf of whistleblowers working in clinical laboratories around the country. We know how to navigate false claims cases and protect whistleblowers while they seek justice and compensation after reporting laboratory fraud.  LEARN MORE>


Price Armstrong Class Acti

Price Armstrong is a focused, specialized law firm with a history of excellence in complex litigation. Our attorneys have represented individuals and small businesses in class actions, investor fraud lawsuits, and drug and medical device lawsuits in more than 50 venues across the U.S. We’ve also represented whistleblowers in variety of qui tam litigation, advocating for individuals willing to expose fraud perpetrated against the federal government in the Medicare, shipping, and environmental sectors.

About the Firm


From offices in Alabama, Georgia and Florida, our attorneys have successfully represented class action plaintiffs and whistleblowers across the United States in cases against the largest corporations, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars.  Price Armstrong is designed from the ground up to out-litigate the largest defense firms in the most complex cases. Our expertise and resources—combined with a singular focus and agility of a dedicated team with backgrounds working for the other side—ensure that we consistently achieve superior results for our clients.

"My experience with this law firm has exceeded my expectations. Mrs. Amy has been wonderful, her communication skills are superb, she ensured that all my questions were answered in a timely manner. Even though we have never met, she came across like a genuine, caring human being. I would give your firm 10 stars if I could."
Pedro S
"I would highly recommend Price-Armstrong. They were very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable. I couldn't have been happier with the results."
Charles P
"Having litigated against Oscar Price and Nick Armstrong in courtrooms across the country, I know them to be excellent lawyers and adversaries. They put significant thought into pre-filing strategy and come to their cases with as much or more knowledge of the facts than the businesses they pursue. Their written work and courtroom advocacy is among the best in the country, and as the litigation progresses, you will soon feel like you are litigating against a large law firm with unlimited resources. If you see Price Armstrong LLC on the initial pleadings, bring your best because hard work lies ahead."
Senior Partner at National Defense Firm
"Price Armstrong did an excellent job representing us in a complex class action. There were a dozen big firm lawyers on the other side, but Oscar [Price] and his team beat them at every turn. I don’t think any other attorneys could have gotten the settlement they achieved for us."
Class Action Lawsuit Representative
"I am a partner in a large firm who regularly represents large corporate clients in complex class actions around the country. Our firm has been adverse to Price Armstrong in a number of these litigations. They have earned our respect as very good lawyers who understand the issues and are skilled at implementing strategies to maximize the pressures on corporate defendants. I remain amazed at their ability as a smaller firm to match the volume and quality of work associated with larger firms like ours. We can never outwork the lawyers at Price Armstrong — they are always in it for the long run. I think they do their clients, and our profession, a great service."
Senior Defense Counsel
"It was a miserable experience and I’m grateful it’s over."
Opposing General Counsel for Class Defendant
"I struggled to decide what lawyer to talk to when I felt I needed to report medicare fraud where I work, but I’m glad I chose Price Armstrong. They were there for me throughout the process and I certainly appreciated their expertise. Thanks for the hard work and the excellent result."
Whistleblower Client
Great law firm that has treated me with dignity and respect from day 1. On top of that, they are great communicators and I get timely updates regarding my case.
Carlo M


If you have been harmed by a defective product, a financial institution or other business, contact the attorneys at Price Armstrong. We can help you seek justice and protect your rights throughout the process. Call us today at +1 888 670 9542 for a free initial consultation and review of your case. Let us fight for you – call now!

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